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GSHS Board of Directors

Kirby Sisk, President

Donovan Steward, Treasurer

Christine Odom, Secretary

Russ Bogue

Jim Campbell

Morgan Cantrell

Carol Carlisle

John Knight

Earle Shivers

Amada Sprayberry
Jason Storey
Mia Steward
Drew Todd

Mary Liz Vaus



TITLE:  Executive Director 



The Executive Director of the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society shall serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors of the GSHS.  The Executive Director shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors, with an annual review by the Executive Committee of the Board.  The Executive Director is responsible for the general maintenance of the Bailey-Tebault House, which should include scheduling regular house cleanings, yard service, and pest service. The Executive Director is authorized to spend up to $250.00 on general maintenance and necessities without prior authorization of the Board of Directors.  If the amount will exceed $500.00, then the Executive Director is required to present the matter to the Board of Directors for its approval.  The Board of Directors, regardless of monetary amount, shall approve donations, gifts, contributions, or other such items requested of or to be made by the GSHS.

The Executive Director shall pay all monthly bills, purchase necessities for the Bailey-Tebault House, record all financial transactions in Quickbooks, check mail, email, voicemails, and other correspondence, receive and respond to memorials and donations, receive and record memberships, and answer historic inquiries and questions.  The Executive Director shall be present at every DAR meeting, Junior Guild meeting, and Coffee Club meeting, or must make arrangements for another Board Member to be present.  The Executive Director shall handle all rental inquiries not being referred to or managed by a third-party event coordinator.  The Executive Director shall give tours of the Bailey-Tebault House and speak to the community about the GSHS.  The Executive Director must create and distribute a quarterly newsletter to all current members of the GSHS. The Executive Director is the figurehead of the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society and shall at all times act in a way as to maintain the integrity of the GSHS.  If the Executive Director is unable to complete a task in an appropriately timely manner, then the Executive Director shall delegate that task to another Board of Director or Member of the Corporation as needed. The Executive Director shall serve and work in the Bailey-Tebault House 20 hours per week and off-site as needed.  This position is in person and not remote.  Compensation includes base salary plus a commission on grants awarded and events hosted.


Please contact us at (770)229-2432 or for more information on this opportunity.