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junior guild

The Junior Guild is an ancillary branch of the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society that is open to daughters of GSHS members in good standing.  The purpose of the organization is to support the Griffin Spalding Historical Society in its activities and to provide opportunities for community service.

Membership in Junior Guild is open to young ladies enrolled in high school in grades 10- 12.  Junior Guild seeks to encourage its members to grow as responsible and productive citizens, by learning etiquette and proper social behavior, and developing skills and values which will prepare them for to be valuable members of their communities.

Social events are a reward for having performed community service, and it is hoped that Junior Guild members will be willing to work additional hours beyond the minimum requirement.

In January 1985, Mary Smalley – who was Chairman of TWIG – Together We Impart Graciousness – a small social organization for high school age girls, and also a Board member of the GSHS, presented a proposal that there be a blending of the TWIG group to become a sub-group of the GSHS. The Board voted in favor on this idea and the Junior Guild of the Historical Society held its first meeting in August 1985.

With the transformation from TWIG to Junior Guild, it was Mary Smalley’s and the GSHS board’s intention’s for Junior Guild to be a Service organization under the umbrella of the Historical Society. The organization prepares young girls for their life ahead by teaching them the importance of community service and historic preservation through fundraising and volunteerism.

Beyond their role with the Historical Society, the Junior Guild can offer support to any local non-profit organization.

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